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Bigfoot…The Loch Ness Monster… Mothman… El Chupacabra… The Loveland Frogmen…

Monsters. Creatures. Legends.Cryptids!

Ten-year-old Molly Wayne had heard of a couple of these mysterious beasts but knew nothing at all about them. She was about to become very familiar with them all. After several bizarre incidents and a near-death experience, she bleached her hair white and ran away from home. Now, she’s being tracked by the Bachmann family who have been ordered to procure her. The Bachmann’s are caretakers of Camp Cryptid, a former church camp that now houses all the secrets of Cryptozoology. The classified information Molly learns, including her role in the whole thing, catapults her into a new, exciting, potentially dangerous life.Join Molly Wayne as she learns the truth about these illusive creatures.Settle in to Camp Cryptid!Book 1 in the Camp Cryptid Series

Camp Cryptid Cover.jpeg
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