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Chick Chapman


Born in a cornfield,

now living in another dimension...

Always supernatural and always fun!


Zombie Anatomy 101

Book #1 in the Young Adult Series

In a world overrun by the undead, Sam and Penchant Moss find safety in their junkyard fortress, but when a new threat emerges their survival hinges on an unlikely alliance with a zombie army.

Book 1 in the Adult series

Step into the French Quarter and the enigmatic world of 69-year-old Wally Peters, where a former bar not only houses thirteen reanimated corpses, but also an undiscovered darkness that is triggering the supernatural unveiling of vampires, demons, witches, restless spirits and more.


Embark on a thrilling adventure alongside ten-year-old Molly Wayne who flees her home after several bizarre incidents only to find herself being pursued by a family that guards the secrets of Camp Cryptid – a place where legendary creatures come to life and a new, dangerous reality awaits.

Camp Cryptid Cover.jpeg

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