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Keep watching the skies, humans...

My main area of interest is not at all martians and not UFOs but more all the strange beasts that are reported ALL THE TIME like Bigfoot and his gang. I have a book coming out in late 2020 entitled "Camp Cryptid" and in researching for that, I got obsessed with all the creatures that are undoubtedly roaming the earth on a regular basis (apparently). I'm currently reading John A. Keel's The Mothman Prophesies and I'm learning that some of my favorite cryptid creatures (like the Mothman himself) are most likely related to UFOs and whatever is going on up in the skies. It's just a theory, but he built such a compelling case it deserves a second look. If you haven't read it and you are interested at all in such things, you might should... or you could watch the movie I guess.

At any rate, whether our cryptid pals are related or not, I'm bringing up the whole otherworldly visitor thing just to make sure you were aware of what just happened. In the swirling center of the Covid-storm, the pentagon officially released three videos showing unexplained aerial phenomenon recorded by U.S.Navy pilots. Although the government's firm stance in the past was clearly to deny and misdirect the public in regards to UFOs, they now graciously give us a glimpse of their newly collected "evidence". And it just so happened to be during the pandemic so the funny thing was... no one really noticed. It's important too to point out that these videos had already been leaked several years back, but this was the "official" debut and nobody was really talking about it. This is really big news but because of other front page news items, it didn't get the attention it should have. In my opinion it warranted more of a headline.

I'm not talking about this to debate whether this is real or not. Those who believe BELIEVE and those who don't, well, it was a sandhill crane or something... flying at warp speed. I'm just sharing this here because it fits in the category of real things that are not what we normally see, and because I personally wanted these videos to be seen. It was something up there, that's for sure. It did seem to astound the pilots. I don't know what it could be but the links below for you to take a look.

So, turn your eyes to the skies occasionally, just as they did in the 60's and 70's during the major UFO flaps. Let's go gather on some hills (at safe distance of course) with upturned heads, expecting a great show. Maybe we just might catch a glimpse of something astounding. OR... maybe you'll get abducted and have a great story to tell! If you do, tell me, won't ya? That'd be exciting! I'll blog about it!


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