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UFO warns teenage boys... "you should be in bed at 4am!"

WARNING: The boys on this video have potty mouths! Contains strong language (like the same word over and over... so unimaginative...)

I don't know why I haven't shared this yet. Maybe it's because I was super excited when it was sent to me and now it could possibly be debunked? Who knows? I've already heard potential (disappointing) scenarios from naysayers, so bring it! I did wait to see if there was any press on it and there was not. So... makes you wonder.

Really? Nobody else saw this?

At any rate, here's a video that was sent to me by a woman who lives in Panama City Beach. The video was recorded in June, 2020 by one of her teenage sons. The young lad, his brother and another teen boy were "hanging out" on the porch and, since this video was taken at about four in the morning, we can only assume they were up to no good. Nefarious deeds most likely. Or... they were enjoying some soda pop and having fart contests. Who could say?

Whatever it was they were doing at 4am, it was interrupted when a bright spotlight illuminated the sky just around the corner from where they were. One of the hooligans grabbed his phone and... well, watch what happens.

When you do examine it, squinting and moving in close to your screen, know that there are no floodlights on any of the buildings around there. I spoke with the mother who was adamant about the fact that the area in question is pitch black on any other night. I did not get to interview the kids at all which is unfortunate. Maybe if they would have actually pursued the thing (as one of them suggested) they would have more of a story to tell. If they had, I would have hunted them down to find out what they found out.

As it stands, it's a 44 second clip of something interrupting the night. Do with it what you will.

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