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My apologies. I have not released anything since 2020. It's probably difficult for some to even remember that I'm an author. Relax! I am! And I am here with some new material. ZOMBIE ANATOMY and WALLY EYE CORPSE CLUB both have sequels being released in October 2023. I also have a stand alone young adult novel coming (and it's really fun!). I am also happy to let you know that Wally 3 & Zombie Anatomy 103 are both completed and will be out at a later date. But they're done! isn't that exciting? Get your personal copy, tell everyone who likes to read that they're available and enjoy! And... if you do enjoy one or two of my books, please take a moment to review on Amazon. It means everything to a newer, unknown author. Thanks so much, friends!

Join the Moss brothers, Sam and Penchant, along with their zombie allies and newfound friends, as they embark on a heart-pounding mission through a decaying world, unraveling mysteries and encountering unexpected allies, in the gripping sequel "Zombie Anatomy 102," where danger and suspense escalate towards a shocking climax that will leave you hungry for more.

Dive headfirst into the wild, wickedly hilarious world of Wally Peters in the second installment of the Wally Eye Corpse Club series, where zombified corpses, vampires, and bizarre allies collide in a riotously supernatural adventure that will keep you laughing, gasping, and begging for more.

A new boy has moved into the neighborhood

and when Diggs Daniel and his sister, Devon,

go outside to greet him, he tells an incredible

story. He’s seen a flying monster in the woods

by his house. This, however, is only the first

of the creatures that begin to plague Wetumpka,

Alabama. Soon the town is overrun with a

menagerie of monsters and it is up to Diggs

and the others to find the source of these

unwanted horrors.

ALSO AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW... An illustrated recap of Zombie Anatomy 101.

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