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What this author learned about himself during the PANDEMIC!

I'm going to keep this brief, but I wanted to share a thought with whoever may happen to read this. You would think a writer, quarantined for months, would come out of the house slinging manuscript after manuscript. That's what I would think anyway. However, I found out that it was just the opposite of that. What I learned about myself is... I need people and I need experiences to write anything. I seriously have to be inspired, and the only way to do that is to live. During the whole pandemic I wrote very little. I worked on already written projects, getting them ready to publish, but I WROTE very little. My takeaway: people need each other, whether we want to admit it or not. We are truly social animals and we need to be around each other, learn from each other (good and bad), and then process all that we've learned however it is each of us processes. For me... it's by writing. As soon as we were once again allowed to interact with people, my brain fluttered and was once again blasting out ideas. I'm rearing to go!

Anyway, spend time with each other. Love each other. Hate each other. But never downplay the role of human interaction. It's essential to our well-being and good for our souls.

Here's a little update on my projects:

I promised in Book 1 that ZOMBIE ANATOMY102 would be out this fall. It won't. It'll most likely be early 2021. It's not my fault. It's written. Well... it's kind of my fault. The amount of work I laid on Daniel Strickland, my artist, was slightly overwhelming. (It includes a 22 page comic book style recap in the front... ridiculous!). It's close to completion though. So, the few of you that actually read book 1... get ready for a really fun ride in ZOMBIE ANATOMY 102! And if you haven't read the first... do it! It's an easy read. It's not a book on moral philosophy or anything!

I also promised CAMP CRYPTID (one of my personal favorites) would be out this Fall. In that case, I told the truth! It's due out... hopefully... this week. Maybe even Halloween day! I'm really excited to share this book with you, whoever you are that may read it! Excited by the release of this book, I've put together some Cryptid Videos. They're silly... but informative. There's 6 of them and I'm going to upload the first (about the Dover Demon) today! Watch them... then buy the book.

Thanks for letting me bend your ears! Onward we go...


me... during the pandemic...

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